Video Conferencing With Synergy

Forget road trips and expensive flights. Now you can have all of your key players nationwide in the same room for highly interactive video conferencing. The best part is that you won’t need to invest in an expensive telepresence system, purchase video conferencing bridges or expose your bridge credentials to third-parties to do so!

Video conferencing with Synergy allows you to bridge several video calls at one time with both mobile and desktop integration. You’ll get full, high-quality video whether you’re video chatting at your desk, on the go or on a large conference room screen. This makes it easy and convenient to securely connect multiple offices with life-like clarity. Business-grade video communications used to be a luxury that only major companies companies could afford. Now, with Synergy Telecom, face-to-face meetings with your sales team, customers and partners can happen without the need to travel – saving you a lot of time and money.

Cloud-Based Video Conferencing

Our multi-point video conferencing service is a cost-effective, hosted solution. We maintain secure co-location facilities and network management so your company doesn’t have to worry about it. Now hoc inter-enterprise video conferencing is available in a secure environment, maintaining video conferencing behind your own firewall. This means remote salespeople, customers, executives and partners can securely join your video conference at any time. Synergy inteleVoIP solutions have taken the complexity and high costs out of multi-way video conferencing. Now you can simply pick up your video-capable phone and dial into a video bridge whenever you need to.


Benefits & Features

  • Instant three-way (or more) high-quality video conferencing comes standard. Forget paying the thousands of dollars that other providers are charging.

  • Services like Skype just don’t provide the high-definition, business-grade video and audio that our Polycom Ultimate HD technology does.

  • The Eagle Eye Director makes meetings and training more engaging by automatically locating and zooming in on active speakers through face-finding technology and voice triangulation.

  • You can collaborate via video with anyone across any network, protocol, application or device. On the go? You can still make that 10:30 meeting from your smart phone, tablet or other device.

  • Quickly achieve ROI with increased productivity through daily workflow collaboration. Projects will be completed smoothly and with ease with the proper face time.