If you’re asking, “Are VoIP services right for my business?” hear this – VoIP services are right for everyone! Every industry can benefit from the reduced cost of high-quality voice and video services. Whether you’re searching for mobility, a way to connect multiple offices or simply a lower phone bill, Synergy can supply the solutions you’re looking for. Below are examples of how Synergy solutions benefit different industries.


Health Care

Health Care video conferencing brings teams of medical professionals together seamlessly for better patient care. Top minds can examine patients and collaborate via video for better care and lower costs. Health Care administration services will benefit greatly from lower costs, improved communications and easier project management through video conferencing.



When you have a budget that always needs trimming, video conferencing is the perfect, cost-effective solution. Using Synergy Telecom’s VOIP services, cities, states and nations can meet via high-quality and professional video conferencing. Inter-organization communication will flourish with simplified, consolidated communications. It’s the least we can do to help everyone work together.



You can cut spending, security needs and reduce trial backlogs by bringing the courtroom to the jailhouse via video conferencing. This can expedite the entire courtroom process for the prosecution, defense and jurors. With high-quality video conferencing, decisions can be made with improved speed, safety and efficiency.


Oil, Gas & Energy

From meetings, to exploration, incident reports and on-site medical examinations, Synergy Telecom services will cut down on travel expenses, improve efficiency and connect your employees for better results. With ever-changing work sites, the flexibility and mobility of VoIP services will prevent the need for new phones and service providers.



Synergy Telecom solutions will improve your business from the inside out. Improved communications means better collaboration on projects, less travel expenses, less time wasted and faster results. When you extend these services to your customers and clients, you’ll also have improved customer satisfaction. Take advantage of call recording to perfect your records, performance and customer service.