What is VoIP?

With Synergy Telecom VoIP Phone Systems, you can consolidate your communications. Communicating through the cloud means you’re free from binding landlines. Your company’s phones and phone numbers will work anywhere there is an Internet connection. That’s right, you can have ONE phone number connected to your office, home, mobile phone and up to eight other devices! 

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. That means your voice is transferred as data, as opposed to landlines that use analog signals. Now, staying connected doesn’t have to be a maze of phones and cords.

VoIP Phone System services can elevate your business communications with easy, video options. In addition to user-friendly Visual Voicemail, you can easily “click-to-connect” with up to 14 simultaneous participants. Important conference calls just got a lot easier. Inter-office calls can even take place with simple four-digit extensions. VoIP Phones make communicating with your employees and clients a breeze.


Who uses it?

VoIP is for anyone and everyone looking for big savings on high-quality voice services. Companies from every industry have made the switch to VoIP services with Synergy Telecom.


Below are a few of our valued clients:

City of Rockport

San Antonio Taxi

FCE Benefits

Longview News Journal

Star Shuttle

Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas


Built to Order

Every company or organization has unique needs for its voice services. When you’re ready to switch to VoIP, you can easily build a customized package online. Synergy Telecom representatives are ready and waiting to assist you in making the best, cost-saving choice for your new VoIP solution.



Don’t let the sleek design and high-functionality fool you, our products are extremely simple to use! From on-screen, one-touch calling to simple setup, you don’t need an IT background to operate Synergy Telecom VoIP solutions.  VoIP even makes it simple to swap a call from your mobile phone to your desk phone.


Your phone calls anywhere

Do you split time between work, your home office and business travel? Now you can work anywhere with “in-office” convenience. Our phones aren’t tied down to landlines. Your work phone can come with you, keeping you connected, through voice and video, to meetings and clients. Whether you’re calling from your desk, mobile or home phone, your company phone number will appear on the caller ID.


VoIP Features & Benefits

  • Affordable, full-blown PBX system with more than 300 features that would cost tens of thousands of dollars through standard providers. Save 20% – 40% off the average landline phone bill.

  • HD Voice means no more asking, “Can you repeat that?” VoIP HD Voice provides phenomenal in-the-room-with-you sound for a fraction of the cost offered elsewhere. Full HD Voice and video will set you apart from the static-filled voice and choppy video quality of other providers.

  • Flexible and scalable systems mean changes to your system can be made remotely and without expensive service visits. Same-day support with a phone service? Yes, it exists.

  • Desktop integration allows one-click calling and answering with your computer, instant messaging, employee status checking and more.

  • Our sleek products are right at home in the stylish and technology savvy offices of today. Their easy setup also means no more bulky phone closet!

  • Professional function is a must. You can stay ahead of the game with more than 300 business features. Your clients will be sure to notice and appreciate the professional and innovative way in which you manage your communications.