At Synergy, we’re changing the way businesses think about their phones. Our trusted, reliable and flexible business communication solutions are literally transforming companies with powerful features that deliver dramatic leaps in productivity and profitability.


With VoIP services from Synergy Telecom, you can:


Mobilize your PBX

Welcome to a world of voice-enabled software apps, powerful collaboration tools and untethered mobility. Synergy takes you beyond the IP desk phone of last year. Unified communications and collaboration leverages the power of fixed phones, smart phones, soft phones and tablet devices with just one phone number, one dial plan and one voicemail. You can consolidate your communications with a unified set of calling and collaboration features across all of your devices.


Record Your Calls

With Synergy Telecom, you can easily record, save, categorize, store, email and replay all business calls. With this total control, you can improve sales, customer service and reduce liability. Call recordings are created in the cloud and delivered in standard MP3 files to your inbox!


Videocharge Your Teleconferences

Unlimited, full-featured, HD-quality audio conferencing for up to 100 attendees can be yours with Synergy Telecom. On top of FREE point-to-point video calls, we are the first VoIP provider to provide Multi-Point Video conferencing for three or more attendees right on your video desk phone. Giving partners, clients and employees this valuable facetime can make the difference between an average and a stellar company experience.


Revolutionize Your Business

Synergy Telecom is the trusted provider of a new breed of Unified Communications and Collaboration in the cloud for thousands of satisfied business users. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we take you beyond PBX to IM and presence, shared meeting rooms, desktop collaboration and a suite of game-changing cloud services like backup, storage, Google Apps and CRM integration. Whether your business is scattered across the globe or together under one roof, Synergy Telecom provides the most flexible, future-proof unified communications solution on the market.